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What Are the Best Jobs for Older Workers?

Whether you’ve been made redundant, are looking for a change of career, or are returning to the workforce once your kids have flown the nest, finding a new job in your 50s can be a daunting prospect. But just because there are hoardes of young, eager graduates out there competing for work, it doesn’t mean that your experience and skills are not wanted. In fact, in many occupations, being older can be a huge asset.

Let’s take a look at some great job opportunities for workers over 50.

Private Tutor
Do you have a specialist skill with years of knowledge to impart? Perhaps you’ve had a career as a journalist, mathematician or scientist, or you’re a talented musician. Why not make a difference in a young person’s life by helping them succeed?hands-typing-grandparents-nz

Virtual Assistant
If you have strong secretarial and administration skills, a computer and a phone, you could offer your services as a virtual assistant. Work from home doing typing, accounts, booking meetings and answering calls for one or more employers who don’t need a full-time secretary.

Taxi Driver
If you like driving and you like people, driving a taxi (or your own vehicle as an Uber, Ola or Zoomy driver) could be a refreshing change of scenery and offer you the ability to set your own working hours.

Delivery Driver
If you like driving but prefer to do it in peace and quiet, delivering products instead of people could be a good choice – especially if you hold a heavy vehicle licence.driver-taxi-uber-grandparents-nz

Having raised your own kids qualifies you perfectly to keep an eye on someone else’s for a few hours, and a lot of people will prefer an experienced, mature person to a teenager that spends all evening on their phone!

Are you sociable and love customer service? A retail role could be the perfect choice – especially if it’s for a store that sells products relating to one of your hobbies or interests, like fine china, craft supplies or tools.

If you have a lot of knowledge in a particular industry (financial services, town planning, interior decorating, electrical services), consider setting yourself up as a freelance consultant. Consultants can operate in any industry – careers, agriculture, security, compliance, management – the list is enormous!

In today’s economy, many companies prefer to engage short-term contractors rather than employ someone full-time, and with up to three decades of industry experience under their belts, over-50’s are a popular choice.

Do you have a talent and passion for photography? Sell your skills by shooting family portraits, weddings or natural landscapes.

If you speak more than one language (including sign language) why not offer your services as a translator? You’ll be especially in demand if you also have specialist knowledge in areas such as law or health.

So many people are too busy to tend their gardens these days, so if you love to exercise your green thumb, gardening and landscaping work could be the perfect job for you, either as an independent contractor or as a franchisee.


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