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What are the Best Things to Collect?

There are many people these days – Marie Kondo, minimalists and people who live in small houses which are talking about less is more and de-cluttering your life. While there is a place for this, collecting something that interests you can be a fun past time which can also become a social event.

Here are some things you may enjoy collecting:

OLD COINS – Numismatists is the name given to the study and collection of coins. Coins were introduced around the 5th century BC and can be found in many museums across the globe. Coin collecting can also be traced back thousands of years and many still collect coins today. The most expensive coin is the ‘Flowing Hair Silver / Copper Dollar’ worth $10 million. While this could be tricky to replicate, saving some currency from a trip abroad or for a more lucrative reason is a fun and interesting object to collect.

ROCKS – Short of gold panning, rocks aren’t necessarily worth money but can make for a fun and interesting object to collect. Depending on where you’re collecting, you may find fossils, minerals and something that has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Depending on what you find, chances are this is just for interest sake however an Australian found a 1.4kg gold nugget in 2019 so there is still hope for us.

VINTAGE ITEMS – There are various opinions for what is vintage – for some people it’s 30 years (that is 1990 – that feels too recent…) and others think true vintage is 50 years so 1970. Regardless, this is something from a previous era. Perhaps clothing, ceramics or even furniture. Many stores and people selling items online make quite a bit of cash from vintages and curious items. We think the best place to find these are a garage sale – we haven’t been to one for years, it may be time to head along!

CLASSIC CARS – This is certainly a more expensive item to collect but if you are truly passionate and patient with a few mechanical skills, this could be the item to be collected. Whangamata Beach Hop is an annual event for vintage vehicle enthusiasts to mix with rock and roll clubs, hot rods and motorcycles. This along with classic car clubs makes car collecting the perfect pastime for the social butterfly!

STAMPS – Commonly known as ‘philately’, stamp collecting along with coin collecting is one of the most common items to collect (although surely this is slowing down as mail becomes less and less frequent). Most stamps including mint stamps aren’t worth a lot of money however in 2008 an Aucklander purchased a sheet of stamps with Peter Snell on them which were printed upside down for $44. This turned in to $50,000 for the woman who capitalised on the printing error. Well done!

BOARDING PASSES AND CONCERT TICKETS – This is something that is more for personal benefit instead of financial but keeping tickets from old events can remind us of places we have been and things we can enjoy. Often forgetting dates or even years of particular events, these can help jog fond memories and it is fun to see how different these can look over the years.

ANYTHING THAT INTERESTS YOU – Some people love to collect matchbooks, toys, signatures, records, anything really. So if there is something that interests you, collect it and enjoy it. Actor Tom Hanks is an avid collector of typewriters and Rod Stewart loves toy trains. Why not collect something you like too?

Rare items can often be worth quite a bit of money – this includes action figures (often still in the box), board games, Lego (with the box) or even a curious item signed by someone.

Do you enjoy collecting anything? Let us know – we’d love to hear what you enjoy.


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