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What is Phishing?

We’ve noticed so many technical terms coming out and it can be hard to keep up. Recently we wrote about what ransomware is and today we’re writing about phishing.

What is phishing? This is essentially a fraudulent attempt to obtain private or confidential information. It is like someone looking over your shoulder at your pin number at the ATM but online instead of in person.

How does phishing work? The phisher will disguise themselves as a trustworthy company or person. This may include sending an email or providing a link which looks to be a legitimate website but isn’t. Often phishers will look like banks or online payment processing as often they are just trying to get their hands on your money.

How is phishing pronounced? This is pronounced like fishing – so they’re fishing (phishing) for details. There are various extended terms too: spear phishing which is someone targeting to increase their own success – think very corrupt elections. Whaling which is someone targeting upper management or an executive. Clone phishing which is where a legitimate email is taken and duplicated for malicious intent.

Phishing can be very slick and look legitimate so it can be easy to be tricked. It can be hard to know who or what to trust on the internet but if you have any questions, we suggest you contact and they can help you.

Stay safe out there and enjoy what the internet has to offer (cat videos!).

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