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What Should Your Grandma Name Be? Take the Quiz Here!

Are you thinking about becoming a Grandparent? Or will you be a Grandparent soon? Take our quiz to see what your Grandma name should be… or Nanny? Or perhaps it’s something else!

If your grandchild falls and scrapes their knee, what do you do?

Your grand child's birthday is coming up, what do you get them?

Your grandchild has their first school play and are in the starring role. What do you do?

You find out there is a grand child on the way, how do you react (after congratulating the parents)?

You are at the markets with your grand kids and they want some candy floss but they're starting to get tired and scratchy but you are due to leave in 10 minutes and drop them home... what do you do?

You are babysitting while the parents go out for the first time but the baby won't sleep, what do you do?

Your child calls for advice about their child, how do you react?

What is your favourite thing to do with your grandchild?

Your grand child wants to play a game but you've been playing for 4 hours straight. What do you do?

What is special about your place for your grand children?

What Should Your Grandparent Name Be? For Nanas to Be... or Grandmas?
Your grandparent name should be Nanny! You are warm and loving and funny and a huge part of your grand children's lives
You are fun and special. Always looking after your grand kids and showering them with love, they love you back just as much
You are fun loving and a special person to your whole family. You love to play and muck around with your grand kids and your children appreciate it!
You are a special family member across the board but your grand children especially love you. You love them back and show them that with cuddles and laughter. They are lucky to have you

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