What Should Your Grandpa Name Be?

A couple of weeks ago we did the quiz for Grandma’s but now here is the quiz for Grandpa’s – or Poppy’s or something else?

Talk our test to find out what your Grandpa name should be! Is it what you were thinking?

Your grand kids are helping you in the garden. There are fresh tomatoes but they don't like tomatoes - how do you encourage them to eat their vegetables?

Your grand childs birthday is coming up, what do you get them?

Grandma told you and your grandkid not to eat a treat she made until after dinner. What do you do?

Your grandchild is learning the recorder and has come over to show you what they've learned. What do you do?

What is your favourite thing to do with your grandchild

You find out there is a new grand child on the way - how do you react?

You are looking after your grand children, what do you do together?

Your child calls for advice about their child, how do you react?

Your grand child wants to go to the park but you've been asked by their parents to stay at home today as they've been sick. What do you do?

What makes you a special grandparent?

What Should Your Grandpa Name Be?
You are funny and kind and your grandchildren love you. You always have a joke or a sage piece of advice to share. They're lucky to have you.
You love your family and are proud of them. They love you too and love to hear what you have to say although more than anything your grandchildren love to just be with you.
While you love to spoil your grandkids with treats and money, all they really want is to just be around you. You are always up for some fun and they love you for it.
You're a very important part of your family and one of the most important people in your grandchilds life. They love to hear your stories and jokes, it never takes long to get a giggle out of the little ones!

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