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What to Get Grand Kids for the Festive Season?

This is a dilemma for many grandparents each year – what do you get your grandchildren for the festive season? Although not every family celebrates Christmas, every family has its own celebrations and it can be tricky to decide what to get your grandchildren. Here are some ideas:

There is no better advice than from the horse’s mouth! Generally, kids are happy to tell you what they’re interested in. Ask open questions “what do you like?” “what makes you happy” “what do you enjoy doing” You may find they’re interested in something you had no idea they liked.

We’ve already written a bit about this here – check with their parents for how they would like to handle money with their kids first. Kids may enjoy a card and seeing that cold hard cash come out of there. This will either be spent frivolously or kept in a secret spot before they decide what they’d like to do with it. 

Kids love doing things, grandparents love doing things. Maybe a movie voucher, cooking class, woodwork class, sailing lesson, day of fishing, getting your nails done or shopping trip. A voucher to spend some time together is a great present!

If you’re wanting to find the latest trends for kids ask Google. Each year stores bring new ‘must have’ toys in store. Generally these are fads but some toys and games have been around for decades (teddy bears, board games). If you have a technology loving grandchild google can be a huge help.

If you’re stuck, ask a shop assistant. Some stores range between 5-13 – these ages differ massively. If you’re not sure you’re getting something that is age appropriate, ask the shop assistant and they will be able to let you know what is popular for certain ages.

If you don’t want to give cash you can give your grand children a voucher. These are readily available at the supermarket too which is great if you’re time poor or if you don’t like to head to the mall.


This is something that can be really special but do pick your time and place. Are you ready to pass something on? You grandchild may have admired a piece of jewellery or trinket around the house or even some handy tools. These can make very special and memorable gifts. Just remember to put some thought in to if you are ready to give this away and if your grand child is old enough to understand the significance.

Many grandparents have skills – cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, woodwork, leather work, embroidery. Depending on your grand child’s taste, they may not like to wear something made but some winter socks for around the home, a hat or snuggly blanket may be something they will love to use!


  • Stick to your budget, if they have asked for an expensive present it doesn’t mean that they will get it! Do not put yourself at risk financially.
  • If you’re still unsure, ask for an exchange voucher
  • Start early so the cost of the festive season is spread out over a number of pay cheques / pension payments. I know we’ve written this article in October but it’s only 2 months until the end of the year
  • Ask the parents to avoid double ups
  • Pick your time to go to the mall, it can be a busy place especially as we get closer to December. If you are confident online, you may want to look in to some online shopping too – easy!
  • Write a list of who you are shopping for and get some ideas together before you go shopping. This will help avoid impulse purchases.

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