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What’s In The Box?

Last year children’s author David Minty published a book called My New Red Car. This year Minty has released his second book called What’s In The Box?. We asked Minty to share a little more about his books and what he has planned for the future…

What’s In The Box? is a follow up to your first book, My New Red Car. What is different or changed from working on your first to second book?  I wanted What’s In The Box? to be a very visual journey. The story tells of two friends who find a box and imagine what could be inside, so with each page-turn, you see something different (and surprising). My five-year-old son was also involved a lot more involved in this book; he conjured up most of the ideas that the characters come up with

You have 2 sons, are the characters in your books based on their characteristics? Or their relationship with each other?  Yes! They’re based on my two boys. The stories in my books are a reflection of them playing nicely until one on them gets bored and plays a trick on the other. It’s a very classic sibling relationship.

It looks like What’s in the Box? is set at the beach, did you have a particular beach in mind when writing?  I based the setting in Whangamata. I take my family there to visit friends of ours during the summertime. We have a lot of good times there, and so I wanted this book to be a visual reminder of that for my kids.

Do you have any more books in the works? I’m illustrating a book about an abandoned road cone called Coney. My friend Greg Parker (from Whangamata) wrote the script, it’s hilarious, and we really can’t wait to share it with the rest of New Zealand.

What’s In The Box? is available from Minty Books RRP $19.95

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