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Where is 102?

If there is one thing we think is great, it is people making things happen for themselves and that is what one Grandparents NZ reader has been doing. Christine Taylor is a grandparent to 8 living and working on a 220 hectare farm in Ruapuna, Mid Canterbury with her husband Graeme. A proud grandparent, Taylor has always enjoyed reading to her grandchildren when they came to stay.

Christine Taylor reading to Jock

With a creative streak, Taylor decided put her own bedtime story together with photos taken on her farm for her grandchildren to enjoy. It was a hit and Where is 102? was born. “With much interest from friends and family and the suggestion and prompting from Grandchild No 1, the book has been revamped and published.” Says Taylor.

Where is 102? is a real life children’s farming story about a mischievous heifer that pushes all the boundaries on the farm. The book even includes Taylors real life dog Jock. The book is 40 pages and illustrated with full page colour photographs promoting clean green New Zealand farming and the little ones having fun outdoors on the farm.


Where is 102?

“I really enjoy to see children getting away outside in the fresh air, making their own fun, learning to appreciate the outdoors and simply entertaining themselves.”

Children love to snuggle in and read a book before bed which is not lost on this grandmother “ It melts my heart to see the children staring into the pictures, reading out loudly with heartfelt empathy and expression.” Locally minded, Taylor is also in the process of printing a Te Reo Māori version.


Christine Taylor and Jock the Dog

With the aim of portraying a clean, green farming environment and helping narrow the environmental gap between town and country, Where is 102? Can be purchased from Ashburton Paper Plus, Grandpas Toys Geraldine or through the Where is 102? Facebook page. It is also available to be borrowed from the Ashburton Library and Taylor has plans to distribute the book at boutique gift and bookstores nationwide.

Taylor will also be in store at Paper Plus Ashburton on Friday 4th October at 2pm for book signings.

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Jock the Dog signing books

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