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Where is the Best Place to Retire in New Zealand?

Are you wondering where the best place is to retire in New Zealand? Are you safe? Are you warm? Then here is your answer: right where you are.

In various life stages, there is always the question of where to live; where is close to university, where is close to work, where is close to family, where are the school zones, am I on the bus route, the train route, close to the motorway, close to the beach, close to bowls, close to friends.


But the answer truly is right where you are right now is the best place to retire. If you are safe, warm, can message a friend, can call someone on the phone, you are in the perfect place to retire right now.

Take the time to listen to the night, listen to the birds, look out the window, look at your hands, read a book and enjoy the fresh still air. This may be something you do often, or maybe you’re having a little time to slow down for once. Take the time to enjoy it.

Just wait where you are for a little longer and once the restrictions lift and you are ready ease your way out into the world again. Things will speed up soon enough, there is no rush.

Remember New Zealand isn’t going anywhere. Stay well, stay safe. Stay home, save lives.



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