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Where to Stop with Gift Giving

While we are sure this isn’t your first festive season, each year there are new factors to take in to account. While you may have 3 children they may have 3 children themselves and their partners. A couple of the grandchildren may also have partners. Suddenly there are almost 20 people to buy for. Where does the present buying stop?

Here are some ideas that may help you keep on track this season.

Create a Budget and Stick to it
Only you know what your budget is, create a budget and stick to it. Remember to include any additional food you may like for the season. Do not let anyone talk you in to buying them anything.

Make a list
Who are you going to shop for? Just immediate family or do you include the guy who makes your coffee? Think about who you want to include on your shopping list and write some ideas down before you go shopping

Suggest a Secret Santa
If you have a particularly large family, you all may decide to do a Secret Santa. This is where everyone gets one family member to buy for and a budget is set. Then everyone gets a present, there is less waste and less fuss.

Opt Out
Perhaps there are some adults who are all interested in keeping on a budget. Have a talk and you can decide to opt out. It doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy each other’s company and celebrate together.

Shop on your own (and on a full stomach)
If you go on your own, you are more likely to focus and keep to the budget and list. And I cannot stress this enough – shop on a full stomach. Many shoppers make mistakes when they shop hungry. They end up heading home with a pair of ski gloves, toy dinosaur, moisturiser, sushi and a milkshake with no idea what happened or who the presents are for!

Family present
Your family members may be wanting a bigger ticket item – you could look at buying a family item. They may also be planning a holiday together; you could buy an adventure pass or meal for them while they’re on their holiday.

Start Early
Look at layby, Christmas Clubs and purchasing and stashing as early as you can (just keep an eye out for snoopers around the house!) Many of us get paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Start setting some money aside now and get organised.

Send a card
While gift giving and receiving is lovely, sending a thoughtful card is getting less and less common but is just as loved as it has ever been. You can reflect on the year you have had with a family or friend. They may have helped you in the last year, you may have gone on a trip together or weekly walks. Whatever it is, a handwritten note about how important they are to you will always be well received.

Make a present
We’ve talked about this one before and one of our favourites is the cookie in a jar. Either way, if you have a skill, a home-made gift can bring both you and the gift receiver joy.

So, go on, give yourself the gift of starting the new year with some extra pocket money! We know this isn’t a full list so what are your tips for saving money during the festive season? We’d love to hear from you.

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