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Who to Follow on Instagram

Have you heard of Instagram but not 100% sure of what it is or the purpose? Instagram is a photo and short video sharing social networking website / app. It was launched in 2010 and is owned by Facebook Inc. and is gaining popularity.

It is free to join and it works by each member having what is called a ‘handle’ – this is essentially like a phone number. Every account has a different one. Our handle is @grandparentsnz . You can search various names or handles to see who you may like to follow. If you follow an account they show up on your ‘news-feed’. Your news-feed is a list of people you follow and you can see their latest photos.

Instagram is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family (and of course read the terms and conditions when you sign up). Here are some Instagram accounts you may be interested in following.

1. Iris Apfel – @iris.apfel (1,200,000 followers)
Bio: More is more & less is a bore. 97 yrs old New Yorker style icon, interior & fashion designer, business woman

2. George Takei – @georgehtakei (1,300,000 followers)
Bio: Click below to donate to Stonewall Day 2019!

3. Lyn Slater – @iconaccidental (662,000 followers)
Bio: Cultural influencer, professor, content creator, consultant, speaker and model.

4. Jiff Pom – @jiffpom (9,000,000 followers)
Bio🐻 @jiffpomcutelife

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5. Celeste Barber – @celestebarber (5,700,000 followers)
Bio: Actor. Comedian. Writer. Lady

6. Cory Richards – @coryrichards (1,000,000 followers)
Bio: @natgeo Photographer / Athlete / Speaker / Mental Health Advocate / Explorer

7. Yoko Ono – @yokoonoofficial (467,000 followers)
Bio: I think it’s better to dance rather than to march through life, don’t you?

8. Humans of New York – @humansofny (9,100,000 followers)
Bio: New York City, one story at a time. Currently sharing stories from Spain. 🇪🇸

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“He was the RA in my freshman dorm. His nickname was ‘Rock.’ He was blonde and skinny and made legendary mix tapes for the dance parties. We never talked much in college, but we became good friends when we reconnected at a reunion. The event was eighties themed. There were a lot of Talking Heads cover songs, and we danced all night. After that we started talking every day. Even though we live on different coasts, we’d find different ways to connect. He’d create scavenger hunts for me. He’d send me on missions to find obscure books and records. And we began making mix tapes together. Both of us come from research backgrounds, so we take our mix tapes very seriously. MMTR is our acronym for the meaning of music: ‘Magic, Meditation, Therapy, Reunion.’ So there’s a lot of MMTR mix tapes: ‘MMTR I,’ ‘MMTR II,’ ‘MMTR III,’ ‘MMTR 80’s,’ ‘MMTR 90’s.’ Then there’s ‘Clan McJangle,’ which is nothing but Scottish Pop. Then we’ve got another called ‘Buzz Gems,’ which is nothing but guitar songs under three minutes that alternate decades as you go down the playlist. Our mix tapes hold us together. Lately we’ve been working on a business together. And if we ever get too frustrated, we just put on our headphones, choose a mix tape, and hit play at the exact same time.”

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9. Dogs of Instagram – @dogsofinstagram (4,400,000 followers)
Bio: Bringing together the dogs of Instagram.

10. NASA – @nasa (42,700,000 followers)
Bio: Explore the universe and discover our home planet with the official NASA Instagram account


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