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Winter Foot Care

Winter is well and truly upon us. Generally by this time of year sandals are tucked away at the back of wardrobes and feet are wrapped up in shoes and socks not to see the light of days until the first day of spring.

However, just because your feet are away, doesn’t mean you should forget about foot care. Here are 8 tips from Senior Podiatrist Kirsty Wannan at Waitakere Foot to help keep your feet healthy this season.

Kirsty Wannan – Senior Podiatrist

Temperature – If you suffer from cold feet/poor circulation- avoid rapid change in temperatures (going from very cold to a hot shower for example) as this can lead to chill blains.

Socks – wearing socks such as a merino blend will help keep feet warm.

Cold feet- you can also purchase foot cream with warming properties in them, this will not only help warm the feet but also keep skin moisturised.

Keep feet dry – dry your feet well before putting on shoes and socks, especially between the toes- minimizing moisture content in the shoes and socks as this is the ideal environment for fungal infection to thrive.

Keep nails trimmed – long nails can cause pressure and discomfort when wearing shoes and can lead to damaging or bruising the nail bed.

Footwear – make sure your shoes fit well, you don’t want them being tight across the toes and forefoot. The wider across the toe box the less pressure you are going to have across the toes.

Limit nail polish – may be the perfect time to let your nails breathe if you wear nail polish often, as feet will be hidden away in shoes. Excessive nail polish use can increase risk of nail damage and fungal nail infections.

Footwear- you may want to invest in a shoe that has good tread on it to minimise risk of slipping on wet foot paths or mall floors.

Keep your head through to your toes warm and dry this season!

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