WORD SEARCH: Saturday 18th May 2019 – Suburbs of Rotorua

Rotorua is located in the Bay of Plenty region and with an estimated population of almost 60,000, is New Zealand’s 10th largest urban area.

Known for its geothermal activity, geysers and tourism industry, many people add Rotorua to their to do list – be it local or international visitors.

Rotorua is locally known as ‘Rotovegas’ (ther is even a sign in the Las Vegas style) and also ‘Sulphur City’ thanks to the hydrogen sulphide emissions which provides the distinctive smell of the area.

Steve Chadwick, ex Member of Parliament is the current Mayor of Rotorua and actor Cliff Curtis and Olympian Valerie Adams are originally from Rotorua.

Can you find all of the Rotorua suburb related words today?

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