WORD SEARCH: Wednesday 15th May 2019 – Antarctica Facts

Antarctica is about twice the size of Australia with a population of around 1,106 so it is by far the least densely populated continent in the world. Antarctica has an unforgiving climate – it is cold, windy and believe it or not – incredibly dry. The majority of Antarctica is a polar desert.

Regardless of the climate, there is some incredible sea life – penguins, blue whales, orcas, colossal squids and fur seals. Interestingly, there are also around 1,150 species of fungi on Antarctica, many of these are lichen-forming. These look similar to the fungi you see on rocks around rock pools here in NZ.

Antarctica is an unforgiving environment but is clearly beautiful and needs to be protected. The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty came in to effect 21 years ago. This is to ensure conservation and management of biodiversity on the continent.

Can you find all of the Antarctica related words today?

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